09:00 - Welcome and Introduction


09:30-11:45 - Session 1: Impact of humid environment on plant fibres structure and properties 

Chairman: Darshil Shah (University of Cambridge)

09:30 Keynote 1 Jorg Mussig - University of Bremen: Product development with natural fibres: from function in nature to technical applications

10:15 - Lucile Nuez (Université de Bretagne Sud-Van Robaeys Frères): The impact of relative humidity on the microfibril angle of flax fibres 

10:35 - Alessia Melelli (Université de Bretagne Sud): Direct and indirect impacts of water on flax fibres ultrastructure


10:55-11:05 - Coffee Break


11:05 - Claire Dislaire (Université de Bretagne Sud-Ecofeutre): Influence of wood cellulose fibers' origin on the mechanical properties of molded cellulose products after water immersion 

11:25 - Marwa Abida (Université de Lorraine-LEM): Towards advanced modelling of fabric structure behavior for identification of flax yarn properties using inverse approach

11:45-12:45 - B2B Meetings (B2match)


12:45-13:45 - Lunch Break


13:45-18h Session 2 - Ageing of biobased composites in marine environment 

Chairman: Alain Bourmaud (University of South Brittany)

13:45 Keynote 2 Aart Willem Vaan Vuure - KU Leuven: Strategies to improve the durability of bio-composites in moist or wet environments

14:30 - Morgan Deroiné (IRMA): Natural Ageing of biopolymer in marine environment

14:50 - Peter Davies and Mael Arhant (IFREMER): Alternative reinforcements for marine composites: seawater ageing 

15:10 - Delphin Pantaloni (Université de Bretagne Sud): Humidity impact on the mechanical and microstructural properties of flax/PLA non-woven composite materials

15:30-15:40 - Coffee Break


15:40 - Companies pitchs & Panel discussion - What are the biobased matrices and preforms available for applications in severe environments?

  1. RISE - Erwan Juin, Research Engineer: Applied research and marine product development with bio-based composites
  2. Seabird - Raynald Godet, R&D Project Manager: Compostables solutions for marine applications
  3. Cobratex - Edouard SHERWOOD, Founder & CEO: Bamboo for Marine applications
  4. Depestele - Franck Callebert, Head of Industrialisation: Title to be confirmed
  5. EcoTechnilin - Guilherme Apolinario Testoni, Development & Technical Sales Engineer: Marine and Yachting creations with flax fibers : structural parts and naturally beautiful design


16:40 - Hom Dhakal (University of Portsmouth): Long term durability and marine ageing of biocomposites (Seabiocomp project) 

17:00 - Claudia Sergi (Sapienza Universitat di Roma): Sea water absorption and salt fog exposure influence on the compressive properties of agglomerated cork 

17:20 - Alexandra Guennec (Université de Bretagne Sud): Amphiphilic biopolymers for antifouling surfaces 

17:40 - Nadège Follain (Université Rouen Normandie): Barrier properties of PLA/CNC Nanocomposites

18:00 - Closing Day 1


17:30-18:30 - B2B meetings (B2match)


  FRIDAY 23 APRIL      

09:00 - Welcome and Introduction


09:10-12:45 Session 3 Hygroscopic behaviour of hybrid and plant fibre composites

Chairman: Johnny Beaugrand (INRAe Nantes)

09:10 Keynote 3 James Blake & Jeanne Blanchard, University of Southampton: The challenges for marine biocomposites – a perspective

09:55 - Alexandre Vivet (Université Caen Normandie): Comparative experimental study of the compaction of various flax fabric stacks 

10:15 - Victor Popineau (Université de Bretagne Sud): Study of residual stresses with flax/mapp biocomposites: development and evolutions through hygroscopic cycles 

10:35 - Taiqu Liu (Université Franche Comté): Influence of water aging on the damping properties of plant fiber composites


10:55-11:05 - Coffee Break


11:05 - Wassim Guerfala (EC Nantes-GEM): Study of the quasi-static behaviour of flax/basalt/PA11 hybrid composites for semi-structural parts applications 

11:25 - Belahcen Djellouli (Université Reims Champagne-Ardenne): Assessment of the mechanical behaviour of aged hybrdi flax-glass composites 

11:45 - El Hadi Saidane (Université Haute-Alsace): Enhancing with glass-fibre hybridization the interlaminar fracture thoughness of water-aged flax/epoxy composites 

12:05 - Vincent Placet (Université de Bourgogne): Hydrothermal ageing of fibre metal laminates made of flax fibres

11:45-12:45 - B2B meetings (B2match)

12:45-13:45 - Lunch Break


13:45-17:00 Session 4 Application, end of life, recycling and environmental assessment of biobased composites

Chairman: Hom Dhakal, University of Portsmouth

13:45 - Keynote 4 Rachel Moreau - Ocean as Common & One Step ahead: Models and paradigms to shape our oceans’ future: from eco-practices to eco-citizenship, through life cycle, circular economy and other challenges - what place for eco-innovation ?

14:30 Isabel De Schrijver (Centexbel): Seabiocomp project - Development and demonstrators of durable biobased composites for a marine environment 

14:50 Thomas Fruleux (Université de Bretagne Sud): 4D printed continuous flax-fiber reinforced biocomposites for artificial reef

15:10-15:20 Coffee Break


15:20 - Companies pitchs & Panel discussion - Experience, feedbacks on the use of biobased composites in marine environment


Moderators: Jean Bausset, Bio-based materials Project Manager, IAR Cluster & Peter Davies, Research Engineer, IFREMER

  1. Gsea Design / Compozit - Sébastien Guého, Technical Director:The place of biomaterials in the high-performance maritime industry
  2. Ox Eye - Thibault Lecarpentier,Co-Founder & Naval Architect: Green composites yachts without moulds through topological optimisation.
  3. Greenboats -Paul Riesen, Head of Research & Development: Making Sustainability Visible. Use of LCA in GREENBOATS product development.
  4. Kairos - Erwan Grossman, Biocomposites Project Manager: Biocomposites in pleasure craft industry, what are the challenges ?
  5. Time for Oceans - Stéphane Le Diraison, Skipper: Eco-design of an ocean racing yacht with composite materials: decarbonising the project, from the design to the manufacturing process, through the use of natural fibres.




16:20 - Philippe Evon (Université de Toulouse): Performance, durability and recycling of thermoplastic biocomposites reinforced with coriander straw 

16:40 - Alain Bourmaud & Christophe Baley (Université de Bretagne Sud): Step back from biocomposites: recycling and perspectives

17:00 - Closing of Biobased Composites in Marine Environment Conference

17:00-18:00 - B2B Meetings (B2match)

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